by Wobbe F. Koning

Recently Completed Projects

Home, Closed
Stop Motion in Times of Covid
See also Something Has Come Between Us

Broken phone supported by falling people
3D Printed Sculpture

Multidimensional Eye Virus VR
Interactive VR Experience

Vicious Cycles
Physical objects created from 3D animation frames photographically re-virtualized and animated: #1 Boom -> Bust | #2 Spawn

Homage to Icelandic Glaciers

A Series of high resolution prints depicting several elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Information.

Current / Ongoing Projects

Vicious Cycles #3 (Woking Title)
Third 3D printed stop motion animation

Avant Garde VR (Woking Title)
Exploring Virtual Reality as medium

You Like Me (Woking Title)
Animation of lights flocking to movement, creating and abandoning structures.

>Hello World
Is the world out there a dream or more like a nightmare?

Project Updates are posted on Woblogic under the tag Animators Anonymous

Research / Experiments / Collaborations

Jockey Hollow VR
Created by my students at Monmouth University.

Not yet properly entitled Python experiment
Experimenting with Python scripts to generate 3D shapes.

MetroCAF 2009 Opening Animation
Created by my students at Montclair State University.

Non-photorealistic Rendering and Exaggerated Shading
Working towards the animation Seeing Red I created these rendering tests.