by Wobbe F. Koning


Vicious Cycles #2

3D Printed Stop Motion Animation

An irregular stalk stands alone on a plateau. It bulges, grows and spawns. While the dark clouds disperse, the bony stalks multiply and fill the space. This second animation in the vicious cycles 3D printed stop motion animation series sees dark clouds gather again when there is nowhere left to go.

View: Vimeo | YouTube

Running Time: 1 min. 31 sec.

Animation & Animation and Sound Design by Wobbe F. Koning

Using audio from
Sound Recordings by Felix Blume |  George Bullen |  Benny Chico 11 |  duckduckpony |  Mat the Glad |  mushroomjesus |  Mwlandi |  13GPanska Langerova Lucie |  Jannik (Woodylein) |  The Yura

Working towards this animation, I created several tests.