Wobbe F. Koning

Short Biography

Wobbe F. Koning is a digital artist / animator and educator living and working in New Jersey. He is currently heading the Animation Concentration within the BFA in Art at Monmouth University, and working on independent animation projects. Previously he taught 3D Computer Animation at Montclair State University. He is an active member of ACM SIGGRAPH, serving as treasurer for the New York City Chapter and as webmaster for the Education Committee. In 2009 he chaired the NYC Metropolitan Area College Computer Animation festival MetroCAF 2009.

After graduating from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA) in Amsterdam, he worked as video editor for Dutch television and as teaching assistant and later lecturer at the Sound Department of the NFTA. As independent video artist, he produced several short video works and collaborated on multidisciplinary projects.

As video turned digital, so did Wobbe. In 1997 he moved to Columbus, Ohio, to pursue a MFA degree in Art and Technology, within the Art Department of the Ohio State University (O.S.U). He studied computer graphics and animation, and produced several video experiments. His short animation "Don't Pull the Plug!" was selected for the Art Gallery of SIGGRAPH '99 (Los Angeles), the annual computer graphics conference.

Wobbe returned to the Netherlands to become head of the Sound Department at the NFTA. After the one year sick replacement, he taught compositing and visual effects at that school, with a joint appointment from the IM/VE (Interactive Multimedia / Visual Effects) and Editing departments.

Together with Bart Reddingius he founded "Pixelberg Animaties" in 2001. He left that small Amsterdam based animation studio at the end of 2003 and formed his own shop: ideePIX. His independently produced animations have been shown at various festivals, including Prix Ars Electronica, PixelPops and Eurographics