by Wobbe F. Koning
Wobble TV presents

" Don't Pull the Plug! "

Video screens, neon signs and sound systems compete for attention on facades of buildings. In-between them, EarGuy walks down the yellow bricked street which is crawling with little creatures. By accident, EarGuy makes an amazing discovery about the world he is in. Further exploration leads him to a central power plug...

Made using Side Effects' Houdini on SGI O2 workstations, this is the first 3D computer animation made by Wobbe F. Koning while a MfA student in Art and Technology at The Ohio State University. Depth of Field is used to achieve a more film like quality.


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Quicktime movie (3.8MB)


Quicktime movie (1.2MB)



The animation has been shown in the SIGGRAPH '99 Art Gallery: technOasis

EarGuy made his screen debut in the loop animation:


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This animation was produced during my studies at ACCAD, and started as a project for the ID 750 series.
More images can be viewed on the homepage of Midori, together with the images produced by the other students who took ID 750 fall 1997.