by Wobbe F. Koning

IdeePIX produces Digital Video Art and Animation

Digital Video

A tautology: all video is digital nowadays.


With the term digital I refer to the production process which, after the occasional acquisition of real life input, consists of shoving data into my computer, moving it around and manipulating it, and ordering it into movie files that may leave my computer for your viewing pleasure.

Video is to be interpreted as moving images in the broadest sense, but not including the transportation of paintings. IdeePIX produces images to be shown in rapid succession on television monitors, projection screens or your computer screen. Almost always accompanied by sound. (less)

Art & Animation

I aim to create beautiful, interesting, intriguing and / or confusing things.


Animation allows a filmmaker to create whatever he or she wants. Shooting real life video allows me to capture a level of detail, chaos and realism hard to create through animation. I like to combine the best of both worlds. (less)