by Wobbe F. Koning

An empty room. Rusty Wood enters, alone.
Finds a throne, makes himself at home.
Knock, knock, who's there?
Will the intruder challenge him for his chair?

Stop Motion in times of Covid, created with junk in a basement.


View Trailer: Vimeo

Running Time: 3 min. 43 sec.

Animation & Sound Design by Wobbe F. Koning

Using audio from
Sound Recordings by bolkmar |  ChazzRavenelle |  choplin CGEffex (light-bulb-pops.wav, CC BY 3.0) |  Doctor_Jekyll GlenCurtisAdams
High-Tec |  Hotlavaman Joao Janz |  Ludovic Kierasinski |  Mafon2 |  ryanlouis tangotango1 |  ultradust

To be released soon

Here is a test I created for this animation: Something Has Come Between Us