by Wobbe F. Koning


PLA plastic, Wood, Broken Cellphone.
Dimensions: 250mm x 230mm x 355mm (10" x 9" x 14")

Conceptualized and mostly completed pre-Covid-19, this assemblage shows a broken cellphone held up by 3D prints of a 3D scanned juvenile hand supported by frozen motions of people falling. Mounted on a hand crafted wooden base painted black, what it signifies appears to have been changed by the events of 2020. Will the cellphone be our downfall, or is it part of, or even causing, a rejuvenating uprising? With people thrown into isolation with their phones as main connection to others, fears of a system breakdown leading to eventual downfall may be even more justified.

The bottom part was created using the same process I used for the "Frozen Motion" series.
That shape represents the space occupied by three people falling in different directions from the same starting point.
See a video representation of the motion capture data this work is derived from:



Digital, Collage or Assemblage (Gallery and Online Exhibition)
Las Laguna Art Gallery, November 4 - November 27, 2021
Included in the on-line Exhibition