by Wobbe F. Koning


PLA plastic, Wood, Broken Cellphone.
Dimensions: 250mm x 230mm x 355mm (10" x 9" x 14")

Conceptualized and mostly completed pre-Covid-19, this assemblage shows a broken cellphone held up by 3D prints of a 3D scanned juvenile hand supported by frozen motions of people falling. Mounted on a hand crafted wooden base painted black, what it signifies may have been changed by the events of 2020. Is the cellphone causing a downfall, or is it part of, or even the cause of, a justified uprising?

The bottom part was created using the same process I used for the "Frozen Motion" series.
The shape represents the space occupied by three people falling in different directions from the same starting point.
See a video representation of the motion capture data this work is derived from: