by Wobbe F. Koning

Multidimensional Eye Virus VR

To see, don’t look…

Procedurally generated and evolving kaleidoscopic shapes surround the user/viewer and respond to her/his gaze. They attract attention with their color and animation, but stop when examined. More and more of them spawn. A new dimension of shapes appears, but that is blocked by a blind spot. Can you focus long enough to make the blind spot disappear?

Neither a game nor a narrative animation, in this short experience VR is approached as an Art from in its own right. The gaze based interaction is intentionally counter intuitive, forcing the user/viewer to resist the attraction of the Eye Candy on offer, in order to to enjoy it.

This interactive VR experience re-appropriates code and visual elements from a series of animation created by the same digital artist over a decade ago, and can be seen as a continuation of the Multidimensional Eye Virus series in a different medium.

The individual experience does not make use of controllers, and can be enjoyed sitting or standing. Sound plays an important supporting role in this VR piece that is unique every time it is viewed.

View Trailer: Vimeo

Running Time: variable, about four minutes.

Animation, Programming & Sound Design by Wobbe F. Koning

Using audio from