by Wobbe F. Koning

Light plays through translucent objects, reflects off of silvery cubes. Light bubbles up and takes shape, makes shapes. When rigid, geometric shapes are formed, their light is extinguished and their shape crushed.


Inspired by Brian Eno's Video: Paintings and Sculptures, ambient light plays an important part in this 3D Printed Stop Motion Animation. With a soundtrack hard to ignore, what transpires does however impose itself on the viewer.


View Trailer: Vimeo

Running Time: 3 min. 19 sec.

Animation & Sound Design by Wobbe F. Koning

Using audio from
Sound Recordings by ecfike |  Iwan Gabovitch |  Jedimichael |  Joel Graham |  Godowan |  kyles |  Morphic__ |  Pedeor Joce |  SamsterBirdies  and others.

While working on this project I published several tests