by Wobbe F. Koning

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Series of images depicting "Water", "Earth", "Fire", and "Information"
Four digital prints, 2016
Dancing Stocks
Based on stock market data, a ghostly dance on a dwarf planet
Independent animation, 2016
Scatter Brain Matter, or The Evolution of Mankind
A movement towards a unified animation of mind and matter
Independent animation, 2014
Optical flow of re-purposed processed video images
Still Image, 2012
Multidimensional Eye Virus 3d
Expanding Dimensions Collide
Independent animation, 2011
An optical flow through urban environments clashing with nature
Independent production, 2010
Seeing Red
A short animated eco-drama
Independent animation, 2008
Multidimensional Eye Virus 2.2
Growing pulsating rings unfold into the next dimensions
Independent animation, 2006
Multidimensional Eye Virus 1.0
Evolving kaleidoscopic shapes grow in multiple dimensions
Independent animation, 2005
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