by Wobbe F. Koning

Scatter Brain Matter

or the Evolution of Mankind

From the shallow waters of the primordial soup, a primitive creature crawls ashore. The action starts when trees organically bubble up from a previously barren landscape. A single eyed being jumps out from its hole in the ground. Under a big tree, a brain and a fleshy blob are playing a game of chess together, though their rules seem incompatible. When the other creature knocks over their game, it sets in motion a chase that leads to the discovery of an electrified new world.

Blending and juxtaposing video with computer generated animation, the short film "Scatter Brain Matter, or the Evolution of Mankind" may seem oblique at first glance. But scattered beneath the surface there is more than meets the eyes (and brain) In a movement towards a unified animation of mind and matter, the author created a mix of visual and conceptual experiments that goes beyond duality and presents a multi faceted audio visual parable.

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Running Time: 5 min. 25 sec.

Animation, Editing & Sound by Wobbe F. Koning

Video by Wobbe F. Koning
Additional Rolling Cloud Footage by Beachfront B-Roll

Sound design by Wobbe F. Koning
Using audio from:
Sound Recordings by Faceonmars |  sarana |  Ighuaran |  ecodios |  Spleencast |  juskiddink |  Chris Castiglione  |  suryatfp |  Félix Blume |  Cosmic Embers |  harri bionic  |  Tim Kahn |  markfrancombe |  Derek Heming |  wjoojoo |  Sclolex |  jameswrowles |  DrNI |  dobroide |  digifish music |  michael carrier |  Herbert Boland |  THE_bizniss |  Texas Radio Theatre Company |  daveincamas | |  Samuel Lourenço |  darren1979 |  Rock Savage |  j1987 |  Ephemeral_Rift |  MWLANDI |  CGEffex | 

Music by
Gustav Mahler: Das Trinklied von Jammer der Erde
All other music by WobMusic

Dedicated to my Mentor and Friend Jef Nassenstein

Included in the National Juried Exhibition "A Curious Reality" at the Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL, February / March 2016

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