by Wobbe F. Koning

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Animations created with Bart Reddingius @ Pixelberg
2001 - 2003
Dual channel video installation, MFA Thesis work, 2 * 12min30sec
The Ohio State University, Summer 2000
Using Reaction Diffusion for Image Processing
Programming COP's (Composite OPerator) for Side Effects' Houdini.
Summer of 1999
Locked Up
Video Experiment, 3min30sec
The Ohio State University, Summer 1999
Don't Pull the Plug!
Charracter Animation, 1min40sec
The Ohio State University, 1999
The Letter
Video Experiment, 2min53sec
The Ohio State University, Spring 1998
American Nutrition
Five images I made at ACCAD
as project #2 of Pete Carswell's Image processing course.
The Ohio State University, Fall 1997
Video for an installation by Mike Tyler
Festival aan de werf, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1996
"Snow is Falling / Work to do" & "Coffeebreak"
Two videos for an installation by Mike Tyler
Amsterdam Museum of Modern Arts, 1996
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