by Wobbe F. Koning



Dance performance created for the lustrum festivities of the University of Groningen. The public is engaged in the performance, authenticity is questioned. Video is shown on three large projection screens, hanging above the stage.

Produced by NND / Galili Dance
Live Music by Percossa
Video by Wobbe F. Koning & Itzik Galili
Camera, Editing & DVD authoring: Wobbe F. Koning

Projects with Itzik Galili
Before I went to Ohio State in 1997, I had been working with Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili. In 2005 our collaboration has been renewed. Itzik is currently he is the creative director for NND/Galili Dance in Groningen, The Netherlands. In the ballets we collaborated on, on stage video projections are used as part of the shows.

Other projects I worked on with Itzik: