by Wobbe F. Koning

Escher / Bach

The work of the Dutch graphic artist Esher was the inspiration for six animation loops I made. One is directly based on one of his woodcuts, the other five are variations.

They were produced for a live performance of Bach's first Cello suite, played by Guus Flavius, as part of a program which featured the premiere of new work by Dutch composer Egmont Swaan.

The animations were shown on a large monitor behind the chello player

See the animations:

  1. Bird / Fish (130kB)
  2. Fish (83 kB)
  3. Indefinite Birds (110 kB)
  4. Chess (199kB)
  5. Celli (150kB)
  6. Indefinite Celli (85 kB)

Please be patient while they load....

  Escher/Bach: click to view as animated GIF

Animations by Wobbe Koning
Made on Amiga Dpaint IV