by Wobbe F. Koning

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Still: Mask.

The Video Installation "VOL" was my contribution to a multidisciplinary exhibition of the "Kunstgroep de Lage Landen" (Artgroup the Low Lands) in Hoorn, the Netherlands, October 1994.
The theme of the exhibition was "Full / Are the Netherlands full?"

In the video a tall guy tries to escape the crowded city. He gets to a room nice and quiet, the goldfish swimming peacefully in its bowl. Two workmen enter and place a television in front of that fishbowl. The TV starts pouring out images and sound at an ever increasing speed. Watching it, the guy who fled the crowds starts eating crisps and gets full. This story is the framework for documentary elements and collages of television scenes.

Still: Eating.

Frames Opening Animation Sequence of "Vol"

The installation consists of three monitors, build upon a antique-like table and nicely dressed. On the three monitors, three different (synchronized) videos are shown. The big monitor in the middle displays the main video, wich can also be viewed as a seperate film. The two little monitors on top add images to support the information bombardment aimed at the viewers. The audience is to sit on a couch. There is only room for three on it, but a note informs visitors that the minimum amount of viewers on the couch is to be five.

1994, Hi8 / Betacam SP, 3 times 10 min.

Starring: Thijs de Gaay
Written and Directed by: Wobbe Koning
Interviews: Lonneke Bar
Excecutive Producers: Lonneke Bar and Wobbe Koning
Produced by: Kunstgroep Lage Landen / Wobbe Koning.