by Wobbe F. Koning

Wobble TV presents

Zwartkijker "

"And they Watched Happily ever after."

Light Desorientalistic Film about Television Addiction, Violence, Sex, and an Unfortunate Book Reader. In a few short scenes, television addiction is humorously questioned.

This independent production had it's premiere during the Dutch Film Festival of that same year, in Utrecht (the Netherlands).


1992, 16mm Colour, 7 min.

Starring: Maya Hakvoort, Olaf Malmberg,
Mirjam van Dam,Willem Westen, Vincent van Driel,
Matthijs Immink, Willem Valentino and Eva.
Written, Directed and Produced by Wobbe Koning
Director of Photography: Bart Reddingius
Excecutive Producers: Mariette Hupkes and Ingrid Remeyssen
Music by Wobbe Koning
Distribution: NFI/IAF