by Wobbe F. Koning

You Like Me (Working Title)

This project has been dormant for a while (see below). I am developing plans for a VR experience that builds upon some of the ideas and techniques from this project.. Stay tuned.

While working on this new project, I came across an unfinished test shot, and decided to add sound, and an old analogue synthesizer tune by Wobmusic.

Early Development

The original tag line for this project was: "Past decaying shapes, tiny lights flock towards shiny structures." The structures have since been put into motion and will only become static objects after the visiting lights move on. The landscape this will happen in is currently under revision. Even though I liked the look of the first scene I created for this project, I think I can create a stronger narrative by radically changing the environment to include glowing screens.

I conducted several experiments to realize my vision of particles flocking to light and movement. The particles (flocking lights) get caught up in the movement for a while but eventually move on.


Initially I was going to create glass like structures for the particles to flock to. The moving lights may eventually form something like this, but as the flocking lights move on the glass will become opaque, the structure starts to decay.

Woblogic Tag: YouLikeMe