by Wobbe F. Koning

Exaggerated Shading

My head. exaggerated

Left: Basic Cosine Shading
Right: Exaggerated Shading

© Wobbe F. Koning 2006

The paper session on Non-Photorealistic Rendering at the 2006  SIGGRAPH  conference in Boston, gave me new ideas and techniques to try. Working on the main character for the animation  Seeing Red  I had to really exaggerate the model to get an expressive toon rendering.

Without writing any code, just by connecting nodes in the shadetree, I was able to get an implementation working of the "Exaggerated Shading" algorithm proposed by Rusinkiewicz et al.[1] in XSI 4.2 / Mental Ray. The shading is easy, but the algorithm only works if the model has sets of normals with different smoothing levels. I rendered a Vertex Color Map of the normals, and rendered a smoothed Vertex Color Map from that (using "Average color around vertices" set to the maximum of 1). Repeating this process I created several levels of smoothness.

On the right you can see the first result. If the model looks somewhat familiar: yes I had my head scanned again at the  Guerilla Studio 

In order to use this in an animation with deformable model (shape animation) I guess the vertex color map will need to be re-rendered for every single frame.

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Notes / References

  1. Rusinkiewicz, S., Burns, M., and DeCarlo, D. 2006. Exaggerated shading for depicting shape and detail. ACM Trans. Graph. 25, 3 (Jul. 2006), 1199-1205. DOI= Full article available  here