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Some of my words have been published elsewhere. This list contains formal and less formal publications, and research I collaborated on. For the latter the authors are listed in the order of the publication.

Teaching 3D Computer Animation to Illustrators: The Instructor as Translator and Technical Director.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Sept/Oct 2012.

"An art instructor discusses the difficulties he's encountered teaching computer graphics skills to undergraduate art students. To help the students, he introduced an automated-rigging script for character animation." (less)
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Faculty Spotlight: Blogs as Digital Workbooks
Montclair State University Website, January 2012.

"Professor Wobbe Koning discusses his experience with using Blogs in the Fine Arts." (less)
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Miho Aoki, Wobbe Koning, Ayumi Miyai, and Takahito Kamihira: 3D animation education in the US and Japan: different environments, similar issues.
SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Sketches (SA '11)

3D Computer Graphics and Animation are relatively new fields that have attracted many students in higher education the last two decades. Numerous programs exist at universities and vocational schools around the world, including the United States and Japan. However, there are not many resources to enable one to gain an understanding of the overall education trends in these fields (less)
DOI=10.1145/2077378.2077421 [ Author-izer Link to full text ]

Miho Aoki and Wobbe F. Koning: A Survey of 3D Animation Education in the US
ACM SIGGRAPH Education Website, December 2011

In this document we present the results of a survey of faculty members teaching in programs where course in 3D Computer Graphics and Animation are offered in the United States. (less)
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Thesis (M.F.A.)--Ohio State University, 2000
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