ARIL-321: Intro 3-D Computer Illustration and Animation &
ARIL-421: Advanced 3-D Computer Illustration and Animation

Final Projects, Spring 2009

Here is a compilation of the animations created by Lauren Brown, Jennifer Cram, Samantha Landon, Clarisse Madarang. Christopher Reach and Michelle Sciuto :

Watch it on YouTube

Most of the students who took ARIL 421 that spring also worked on the opening animation for MetroCAF 2009. It was finished by Anna Kania, Andrew Soman and Wobbe F. Koning over the summer.

Opening Animation

Conceived and Designed by
ARIL 421 students Spring 2009, Montclair State University

InstructorWobbe F. Koning
Animation and
Andrew Soman
Anna Kania
Wobbe F. Koning
Additional Modeling Charles Looker
Lauren Brown
Michelle Sciuto
Samantha Landon
SoundAnna Kania