by Wobbe F. Koning


The first two objects in my "Frozen Motion" series are mounted 3D printed object created using existing motion capture data in combination with particle simulation.

Conceptually the objects enclose the space occupied by a dancer while making a jump and turn. The freely available motion capture data is manipulated to not show the motion itself, but the path the body parts take through space. By combining all the motion paths of all body parts into a single volume, the object reveals space as occupied through time. A video, linked by QR code, shows the original movement; not frozen but smeared out in time.

Frozen.Motion(1) | Frozen.Motion(2)


Frozen.Motion(2) is included in Materialized: Juried 3D Printed Art Exhibition
Juror: Joshua Harker
University Art Gallery, Central Michigan University, January 13 - February 11, 2016