by Wobbe F. Koning

Recently Completed Projects

Boom -> Bust
Physical objects created from 3D animation frames photographically re-virtualized and animated
Working towards this animation I created several tests

Homage to Icelandic Glaciers

Physical 3D objects based on body movement smeared out in time.
Two additional objects have been completed:

A Series of high resolution prints depicting several elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Information.

Dancing Stocks
Based on stock market data, a ghostly dance on a dwarf planet.

Current / Ongoing Projects

Vicious Cycles #2 (Woking Title)
Second 3D Printed Animation

You Like Me (Woking Title)
Animation of lights flocking to movement, creating and abandoning structures.

>Hello World
Is the world out there a dream or more like a nightmare?

Project Updates are posted on Woblogic under the tag Animators Anonymous

Research / Experiments / Collaborations

Not yet properly entitled Python experiment
Experimenting with Python scripts to generate 3D shapes.

MetroCAF 2009 Opening Animation
Created by my students at Montclair State University.

Non-photorealistic Rendering and Exaggerated Shading
Working towards the animation Seeing Red I created these rendering tests.